HIGH POINT: Granite Peak (12,799 feet)
STATE FLOWER: Bitterroot (Lewisia rediva)
STATE TREE: Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)
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Montana (August 2001)      Quick view of trip pics
  1. Bear Sculpture - This sculpture is located on the east side of Glacier National Park.
  2. Canadian Border #1 - This picture shows the clearing and monuments along the border.
  3. Canadian Border #2 - Another view of the border with Canada.
  4. Canadian Border #3 - A view of the Canadian border looking east towards Glacier National Park.
  5. Eagle Sculpture #1 - Eagle sculpture in Libby, Montana.
  6. Eagle Sculpture #2 - Another view of the Eagle sculpture.
  7. Stahl Gang Drawing - Drawing left at Stahl Lookout apparently depicting work crew which maintains the lookout.
  8. Unusual Mushroom - Strange looking mushroom found along path about a mile south of Canada in northwestern Montana.
  9. Poorman Peak - This peak is located about two or three miles south of the Canadian border.
  10. Pyramid Lake #1 - This lake is located in northwestern Montana.
  11. Pyramid Lake #2 - Another view of Pyramid Lake.
  12. Stahl Lookout - This lookout is located in northwestern Montana.
  13. Ptarmigan Tunnel - This tunnel is found in Glacier National Park.
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